Custom Soft Enamel Pins

Custom Soft Enamel Pins
Custom Soft Enamel Pins
Custom Soft Enamel Pins
Custom Soft Enamel Pins
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Number one choice for lapel pins!

Custom soft enamel pins has raised metal edges and recessed enamel, it can be made in any shape that allows the pin to display vibrant colors and unique designs. Generally, custom soft enamel pins is more cost-effective than other types of custom pins.

  • Custom shapes
  • Unlimited color
  • No mold fees
  • Free shipping
  • 7-14 Days Fast Delivery
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    Once we receive your order, our designers will email you a sample picture for you to approve and then we start production.

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    Now your work is done so you can sit back and relax, and you can check your waybill at any time after delivery.

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What Our Customers Have to Say

  • J. Wilson

    I really get a high-quality soft enamel pin! They also helped me work out the final design so I could get exactly what I wanted.

  • Devin S.

    After my first order with MyEnamelPins, I decided to place a second because I found their products were great quality. So far, I've had a really good experience MyEnamelPins, helped me with the design issues I've had.

  • Mr. Magoo

    Myenamelpins custom soft pin pricing really competitive compared to the other places I looked. And I spoke to the design team, who were great because they were very quick!

  • Diane

    I ordered them as a anniversary gift for my husband. They arrived earlier than the due date I specified, despite the fact that most retailers have been slowed down by COVID. When I saw how nice they were, I was excited about giving them!!

  • Sharon H.

    Great service and products with fast delivery. Even though I had some problems with the color, the company’s contact service got back to me immediately. I will definitely shop here again!

Create or design custom soft enamel pins, which are incredibly popular because of their high-quality manufacturing and cheap price tag. Filled with enamel color, the personalized badges offer a timeless look. The metal bases, slightly raised and die struck, hold the enamel in recessed cavities. These beautiful custom lapel pins work well with any logo or design, so you can never go wrong with this style. 

Since they are easy to wear and maintain, soft enamel pins are excellent for everyday wear. Make your own soft enamel pins for your business or personal use. You can get souvenir pins to the office and school pins and everything else. 

The best part about soft enamel pins is that it allows you to get more texture detail into the design. For example, you can create beautiful edges and borders. With more color options and a wide variety of designs, custom soft enamel pins are popular for serving numerous functions. Here are a few ways you can create personalized badges for multiple purposes. 

Lapel Pins for your Staff 

Thanks to unique enamel pins, your members will stand out among all the rest. Premium-quality enamel pins can convey important information about what your staff actually does while providing them with a sense of recognition.

For Creating a Timeless Bond

Make your own custom metal pins and use them as a mark of identification. Beautiful signs and company logos can instill belongingness in an organization as they ignite a spirit of unity. Your employees feel valued and feel that they belong to a certain community. Such a bond compels them to deliver their best while keeping them motivated and happy.

For Branding and Marketing 

Get beautiful and aesthetic badges for a seminar or conference for all attendees. Whether you are having a sales event, a seminar, or a conference, allow your employees to be proud of their association with your company. Wearing custom enamel pins that represent your logo or company values gives a wonderful opportunity to increase brand loyalty and boost brand promotion. Get affordable and custom soft enamel pins online for promoting your brand. 

For Building and Reinforcing Trust

When employees of your organization wear custom pins that represent your company, it communicates a message of unity and solidarity. It also shows that you value all employees fairly. Such a sense of unity helps your company build goodwill and improve retention rates. 

For Schools, University, and College Events

Soft enamel pins are also popular among schools and universities. You can classify teachers, students, and volunteers at important events or give these beautiful lapel pins to guests as souvenirs. The best thing about our custom enamel pins is that they are available in all sizes and designs. That's why all private, public educational institutions can get their desired soft enamel pins. 

Get Affordable and Beautiful Custom Soft Enamel Pins

We are enamel pin maker. If you are looking for cheap but durable soft enamel pins online, get unique badges from Myenamelpins. We provide premium-quality custom lapel pins for all business, fashion, education, and personal brands. Flaunt your personal style or celebrate professional milestones with durable and beautiful custom lapel pins . There is no minimum order requirement, so you can get the desired number of pins, according to your needs and budget, at unbelievably discounted rates.