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Promote your brand, make a fashion statement or celebrate personal and professional milestones with our unique little custom enamel pins.

You are working with professionals concerned with delivering only the best to our customers!

My Custom Enamel Pins
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How to start?

Custom enamel pins can be easy, only 3 simple steps

  • 1

    Place Order

    Choose a custom pin. Select the size, quantity, and other features. Place your order.

  • 2

    Approve Product

    Once we receive your order, we will email you a sample picture for you to approve. Production will begin as soon as confirmation is received.

  • 3

    Receive Order

    Now your work is done so you can sit back and relax. We will send your package within time, and you can check your waybill at any time after delivery.

Why Choose Us?

  • Wholesale Price

    With our affordable wholesale prices, you can totally get your money's worth.

  • Free Shipping

    We provide free air shipping, so you don't have to worry about the excessive delivery charges.

  • No Minimum

    You can order one pin if you want. However, it does become cheaper when you order more.

  • No Mold Fees

    We don't charge any mold fees, which reduces the pins' cost compared to our competitors'.

  • Free Art Design

    We provide free custom enamel pins art designs for you to approve.

  • Full Color

    Get free full color for your unique custom enamel pins. 13000+ high quality orders.

  • Various Options

    We have various custom enamel pins options regarding pin order size, cost, backs, etc.

  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

    We ensure that you are satisfied with our work and provide unlimited edits.

What Our Customers Have to Say

  • Devin S.

    After my first order with MyEnamelPins, I decided to place a second because I found their products were great quality. So far, I've had a really good experience MyEnamelPins, helped me with the design issues I've had.

  • AryaWolfe

    This is such a cool pin! I always get so many compliments from people. Gonna get more for sure!

  • Creeper K.

    Great experience! They were swift to respond to and solve my problems. The products are amazing, and I’ll continue buying from them in the future!

  • Cliff C.

    I received my order with a product that exactly matched my vision. The process was very smooth with highly polite and communicative staff. This is definitely going to be my go-to custom order site!

  • Drea

    I’ve only ever ordered twice, but I’ve loved what you delivered every time. I can say for sure that this is an easy website, with a quick response service.

  • Steven

    During the process, I faced an issue finalizing the colors. However, they helped me out and kept on adjusting and correcting them until I was totally satisfied with the outcome. I know I’ll be going back to this site for more pins!

  • Douglas S.

    This one’s fast become my most loved pin! Everyone always compliments it. Even with my super cute dog pins in the competition, this one manages to outshine those as well!

  • Sophie

    Lovely key chains, they always have a way of getting all the accessories you want!

  • Erik F

    I move my arms a lot and am very active and my pins have never fallen off or moved because of the strong clutch. Their quality is very high, and overall they are very comfortable!


  • How much do custom enamel pins cost?

    There are four key features on which the custom enamel pins' cost depends: 1.Pin Size: Bigger pins cost more 2.Pin Quantity: You get more discounts with more orders. 3.Pin Color: Extra colors increase the cost of your order 4.Pin Style: Printing pin is most expensive, followed by hard enamel then soft enamel. However, if you place your order with us, you can save over 30% on them since we have our own factory.

    plus mins
  • How long will it take to get my custom enamel pins?

    Our custom enamel pin turnaround time is 14 business days after you approve the design.

    plus mins
  • What is the minimum order quantity?

    There is no minimum order quantity as you can order a single custom enamel pin. However, with orders for more than 50 pieces, you can significantly cut down on your buying price! The more you order, the lesser you'll have to pay!

    plus mins
  • Are you an custom enamel pins manufacturer?

    Even though our family started a factory in 1971, they shut down in 2002. Following this, we started importing due to the high labor and material costs in the USA and Canada. Only China has the expensive equipment to sustain the factory, so we've used the same manufacturer for 15 years. Our competitive factories have also shut down in the last decade and adapted this model to the point where there's no use in referring you to a North American factory.

    plus mins
  • Will I get a sample before production?

    We send digital proof to our customers before production. Our designer can do unlimited revisions for you in case you want to change something.

    plus mins
  • Can you replicate my logo and design exactly?

    Yes, we can exactly replicate almost any design. In complicated designs with gradient colors and several details, we prefer the printing pin style, which can copy your composition 100%.

    plus mins
  • What if I'm not happy with the design?

    We value your satisfaction and make as many changes as you want to give you the perfect design. Throughout the process, you can communicate with our team through a dedicated customer dashboard to work on your design directly. Please keep in mind that the total production time increases with a prolonged editing process. Please provide us with clear descriptions of your requirements and upload images or sketches if you want to.

    plus mins
  • What if I don't have a design?

    Regardless of your order size, we provide free design, allowing you to unconditionally change the art proof until you are satisfied. If you want our help, please email us your ideas, descriptions, or sketch, and our artist will help you make them.

    plus mins
  • What file format of the design should I send to you?

    While we prefer a JPG, A, or PDF format, you can submit others as well if the details are clear. Additionally, you can send a DST or EMB digitizing file as well.

    plus mins
  • Is there a maximum for the number of colors used for a pins?

    No, we can use an unlimited number of colors. In fact, if you really want to go all out, you can opt for a printed pins!

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  • Do you have more customization options that aren't listed here?

    Yes, we can access hundreds of unique options due to our massive factory network. Contact us at [] in case you have any ideas.

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  • Do you have any guarantees?

    You can be assured to get a 100% refund if you dislike our design, there are issues with the final products, or your order is delayed.

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  • Can you return the goods for free?

    Yes, we do. In case of any product quality issues, contact our after-sales customer service to ask for a return. For more details, please read our shipping and return policy.

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