Custom Logo Pins

Custom Logo Pins
Custom Logo Pins
Custom Logo Pins
Custom Logo Pins
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Not too many logo pin manufacturing companies offer such high-quality pins as My Enamel Pins. We take immense pride in delivering premium-quality logo pins and Disney Epcot pins for both businesses and collectible fans. Get your hands on professional and beautiful custom logo pins at wholesale rates.

  • No mold fees
  • Custom shapes
  • 2200+ free colors
  • Free ships - 2 weeks delivery
  • 100% Satisfaction guarantee
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    Once we receive your order, our designers will email you a sample picture for you to approve and then we start production.

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    Now your work is done so you can sit back and relax, and you can check your waybill at any time after delivery.

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  • Free Butterfly & Rubber Clutch
  • 8+ Types of Backing Hardware
  • 15+ Metal Finish Type
  • 2000+ Full Pantone Colors

What Our Customers Have to Say

  • Benjamin K

    Super High Quality Feel For myenamelpins! I'm very glad for the magnet option to avoid punching holes in my clothing with a pin-style badge.

  • Lanna

    Perfect Quality and Speedy Delivery! Exactly as I wanted it, the color was perfect, the size was perfect, the design and font was perfect, the quality was excellent.

  • Kristen Ludlum

    Awesome! I love my octopus badge. It is durable and looks quality made. I bought the pin back and it is easy to pin on my shirts without leaving a hole. The price is really reasonable!

  • Ralf T.

    This pin are made of quality materials, the engraving was smooth and without blemish, and the pin backing cluch are VERY strong.

For numerous industries, custom logo pins are a staple of business marketing and brand promotion. Custom lapel pins are now popular tools for helping businesses and several industries. If you are an entrepreneur, run a small business, or need an Epcot logo pin for your pin collection, get the best logo pins from My Enamel Pins.

Here are some ways you can use custom lapel pins for your business.

If you are looking for an appealing way to capture the attention of your customers without spending thousands of dollars, logo pins are the best way to promote your brand. When your employees wear logo pins that represent your company, your business gets more exposure. Furthermore, there is a sense of pride that your employees enjoy, especially when they represent a business at seminars or conferences. 

Fundraising Events

Steal the spotlight at every fundraising or charity event with a beautiful company logo pin. These metallic and durable pins are excellent for spreading more awareness about your brand or business on special events, such as fundraisers or charity shows. 

Corporate Identity

Establish a company’s corporate identity with a beautiful logo pin. My Enamel Pins offer numerous designs and a variety of colors to transform your logo into a custom metal pin. These durable enamel pins establish and support your corporate identity. Custom lapel pins serve as communication mediums for promoting your company logo.

Years of Service Awards

Reward your most loyal employees by presenting a logo pin that bears your business logo. That’s an elegant way of commemorating the efforts of your most dedicated and loyal employees. 

Brand Recognition

Many businesses and companies order custom lapel pins that feature their logos because they want their audience to become familiar with their brand. Get beautiful logo pins for all employees to build brand awareness and brand recognition. That's a great move if your employees don't wear a uniform and you run a large organization.

Epcot Logos

Are you a Disney pin collector? We know the satisfaction that every collector experiences when they find the last pin they need to complete a set. However, My Enamel Pins give Disney pin collectors a fantastic chance to build their unique Epcot logo pin collections. Get beautiful and eye-catching Epcot logo pins to impress your friends and family with your taste and pin collection.

Vintage Epcot icons make great designs for contemporary Disney pins. With clean and crisp designs, bold colors, and signage, fans can flaunt their love for the iconic Disney World park, popular for the Walt Disney World Monorail and its geodesic sphere. Order beautiful pin designs representing the original Epcot Center logos such as Journey Into Imagination, Horizons, The Living Seas, etc. 

Get the Best Logo Pins from My Enamel Pins

Whether you are looking for custom logo pins for business promotion or Epcot logo pins for expanding your Disney collection, My Enamel Pins bring a variety of fabulous designs. There is no minimum order requirement, so you can order individual pieces and bulk logo pins.