Custom Employee Pins

Custom Employee Pins
Custom Employee Pins
Custom Employee Pins
Custom Employee Pins
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Myenamelpins offers a variety of employee recognition pins for businesses and companies across all industries. Our beautiful designs and durable pins make the best gift for your hardworking and loyal employees. Get the best employee recognition pins from My Enamel Pins at unbelievable rates to make your yearly celebrations and corporate events successful.

  • Custom shapes
  • No mold fees
  • 2200+ free colors
  • Free ships - 2 weeks delivery
  • 100% Satisfaction guarantee
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    Select the size, quantity, and upload your artwork.

  • 2. Approve Design

    Once we receive your order, our designers will email you a sample picture for you to approve and then we start production.

  • 3. Receive Order

    Now your work is done so you can sit back and relax, and you can check your waybill at any time after delivery.

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  • Free Butterfly & Rubber Clutch
  • 8+ Types of Backing Hardware
  • 15+ Metal Finish Type
  • 2000+ Full Pantone Colors

What Our Customers Have to Say

  • Benjamin K

    Super High Quality Feel For myenamelpins! I'm very glad for the magnet option to avoid punching holes in my clothing with a pin-style badge.

  • Lanna

    Perfect Quality and Speedy Delivery! Exactly as I wanted it, the color was perfect, the size was perfect, the design and font was perfect, the quality was excellent.

  • Kristen Ludlum

    Awesome! I love my octopus badge. It is durable and looks quality made. I bought the pin back and it is easy to pin on my shirts without leaving a hole. The price is really reasonable!

  • Ralf T.

    This pin are made of quality materials, the engraving was smooth and without blemish, and the pin backing cluch are VERY strong.

Every business or company must motivate its teams to deliver their best performance. For that reason, it is important to present each employee with a small gift to keep your staff happy. Appreciation pins are great for boosting your company’s work performance because they make inspirational corporate gifts. Recognition awards allow a company to recognize its employees for every milestone they have achieved. Such awards go beyond a simple ‘congratulations.’ Every employee feels valued and appreciated for the work they put in to achieve company goals. 

It’s easy to get a custom employee recognition pin from My Enamel Pins. Simply upload your design or get in touch with our creative team of designers. We will help you design the perfect employee recognition pins for gifting employees on all annual and special events. 

Employee Anniversary Pins

Boost the morale of your employees and motivate them to accomplish more milestones by gifting them stunning anniversary pins. Such employee recognition pins allow your employees to work in a positive environment. Myenamelpins feature a mix of your company logo and other design elements to create stunning employee recognition pins. 

Yearly Awards Pins 

Personalizing a service award shows the human side of your company. Every year, we create thousands of custom pins that feature the company logo along with the name and designation of employees. Adding personal touches like these is a brilliant way to appreciate your staff’s work and contributions. Award badges and recognition pins boost your employees’ motivation and improve retention rates. 

Years of Service Awards 

Although the basic design is the same for most award pins, different motifs and emblems can make all the difference. You can add unique design components to make each recognition pin different. For example, if you are ordering pins for the years of service awards, you can add numbers to the pins. If you are designing a recognition pin for an employee who is celebrating six years of service, we will find a creative way to add the number six to the pin. The same goes for other employees who are celebrating their first, fifth, or tenth work anniversaries. 

No Minimum Order Requirement

The good news is that My Enamel Pins has no minimum order requirements, which allows you to get employee recognition pins without worrying about bulk orders. Contact our customer service team if you want to know more about designing a beautiful employee recognition pin that fits your needs and budget. We offer bulk pins for the entire staff or individual pieces for a small team. That’s why our clientele includes small businesses, large corporations, schools, restaurants, etc. 

Get Stunning Employee Recognition Pins from My Enamel Pins 

Typically, employee recognition pins feature a company’s logo. However, we can make this pin even more creative, thanks to the expertise and skills of our gifted designers. Our customers love our custom metal pins, available in both soft and hard enamels. We utilize various manufacturing techniques to deliver the most beautiful employee recognition pins for all private businesses, hospitals, restaurants, hotels, schools, universities, and other businesses.