WizardPins Coupon and Reviews

WizardPins Coupon and Reviews

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About WizardPins

WizardPins is an enamel pin manufacturer that is based in Boston, Massachusetts, and serves various customers from all over the world. It specializes in producing and manufacturing custom enamel pins, the designs for which are provided by the customers mostly. Apart from custom enamel pins, you can also produce custom coins, keychains, cufflinks, and many other different types of accessories in a bulk quantity.

WizardPins is trusted by hundreds of customers for producing custom enamel pins, and the company has numerous happy clients, who appreciate its fast turnaround time, cost-effective pricing, and high-quality products. Apart from its enamel pins, you can also find a blog on the WizardPins website, which guides you on different topics regarding enamel pins and their designing process.


Pricing of WizardPins Products

At WizardPins, you can order anywhere between 50 and 50,000 custom enamel pins, and they offer a fair pricing structure, as well as an easy ordering procedure. When it comes to soft enamel pins, you can expect to pay $3.99 per pin for an order of 50 pins of size 0.75”. If you go up to a size of 2”, you can pay $5.20 per pin for 50 units.

Moreover, when it comes to hard enamel pins, you can expect to pay $4.15 per pin for a 50-pack of 0.75” size pins, and $5.35 for a 50-pack of 2” size pins. Generally, the pricing for enamel pins at WizardPins varies between $3.50 to $8, and this depends on the type of enamel pin you choose, as well as the pin and order size.


Types of Enamel Pins Offered by WizardPins

WizardPins is a custom enamel pin manufacturer that allows you to convert your unique designs into beautiful and well-crafted enamel pins that stand out from the rest, and are also visible from a distance. Not only that, but you can also make choices regarding the pin style, finishing, size, colors, and much more.

Custom enamel pins can be built in different types and finishes, and some of them are listed below:

Soft Enamel Pins

Soft Enamel Pins image

Soft enamel pins are also made from zinc alloy or iron, and they have the enamel applied onto them after the electroplating process. Once the colors are enameled, the custom pins are baked to let the color settle properly.

Hard Enamel Pins

Hard Enamel Pins image

Hard enamel pins are durable and have a smooth and shiny finish. They are baked after each color is enameled onto them, and they are polished to become smoother.

Custom Hard Enamel Pins

These are the same as hard enamel pins, but they also allow you to screen print some of the design elements after enameling, which makes them more vibrant.

Custom Photodome Printed Pins

print pins image

Custom photodome printed pins allow you to convert a photo or design image into a proper enamel pin, and they make it possible for you to include all kinds of detailing.

Custom Die Struck Antique Pins

die struck pins image

Die struck antique pin has a rustic and traditional look, and it doesn’t include color or enamel. However, it brings out the intricate details in the design and gives a more formal appearance.

Some of the other types of enamel pins include sand blast polished pins, sports trading pins, dimensionally printed pins, sterling silver pins, and many others.

Get the Best Enamel Pins from My Enamel Pins

At WizardPins, you can find a wide range of predesigned enamel pins, and it also allows you to get custom pins made. But if you are looking for the most extensive collection, visit My Enamel Pins. We have all types of enamel pins in different designs, shapes, sizes, and textures. Moreover, if you want to get custom enamel pins produced, we don’t have any minimum order limit as well.


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