Top 10 Best Online Store to Buy Enamel Pins

Top 10 Best Online Store to Buy Enamel Pins

Enamel Pins are all the rage today. They are an icon of style, and who doesn't want to look stylish? The pins initially gained immense popularity in the early '90s but the craze died down with the passage of time. However, Millenials have taken it upon themselves to revive the trend of enamel pins. They have now become one of the rapidly growing trends, which means that the demand is now higher than ever.

When there is demand, there has to be a sufficient supply. Several enamel pin manufacturers have bridged the supply gap. More and more companies are popping up offering cool designs and high-quality enamel pins. But which among all them is the best? That's a hard decision to make as different companies offer different services and strengths and weaknesses. We are here to assist you in the decision. Read through the descriptions of each of the following companies and decide where to buy enamel pins from.


Do you want to get magical enamel pins? Wizard Pins is the company you need. As the name suggests, Wizard Pins are great wizards for customizing enamel pins for you. Their production is not just limited to the local clients but international customers can also take help from their services. Their custom-made enamel pins give you a smooth finish with a professional look.

You can order different types of enamel pins such as:

Soft Enamel

Their soft enamel pins are less expensive as compared to other companies. However, there are no compromises on the quality. It is the best choice for people looking for a simple enamel pin that is also affordable. Since soft enamel pins are not polished, you can see the design more clearly than hard ones.

Hard Enamel

If you are looking for a smoother finish and a more professional look, you should go for hard enamel pins from Wizard Pins. Their pins are filled to the brim with color and later polished to ensure smoothness. Hard enamel pins are made on iron, and with Wizard Pins you can get magnetic backings. Other manufacturers do not commonly offer magnetic backings.

Hard Enamel + Print

If you want an intricate design, it might be impossible to do them in enamel. Intricate designs are harder to fill with enamel, but Wizard Pins has a solution. You can get the design printed if not made with enamel. Most companies do not offer the combination of print and enamel.

Premium Enamel

If you want the highest quality enamel pins you can reach out to Wizard Pins as they offer enamel pins made with USA-made materials.

The best part about these enamel pins is that you can avail yourself of 10% on your very first order!


 Vivi Pins offer a large variety of pins, including shapes and colors of all sizes. The specialty of Vivi Pins is that you can order customized enamel pins without any minimum quantity required. Enamel pins are in fashion. The designs that you find in readymade pins might not be what you are looking for. So, what you can do is ask Vivi pins to customize enamel pins for you. They do not shy away from complex designs and try to come up with the best possible artwork. You can either come to them with your own design or ask professional designers to cater to your requirements.

Custom enamel pins with Vivi Pins include the following products:

Soft Enamel Pins

To come up with high-quality soft enamel pins, it is best to understand the manufacturing processes. Vivi Pins offers one of the most smooth soft enamel pins without polish. The soft enamel pins with Vivi Pins will last you for the complete event. You can get these made at the most affordable prices.

Hard Enamel Pins

Hard enamel pins at Vivi Pins offer a glossy finish with longevity. The prices they offer are very cheap in comparison to the hard work put in. You can avail multiple backings with Vivi pins.


Metal thread and bright colors are the most critical components of Enamel pins, and GS-JJ make sure that you get the best of both. GS-JJ offers to provide enamel pins for both bulk orders or minimum orders. If you want a quick inspiration for designs, you can get help from the pre-uploaded designs by the company. Using those designs, you can get the inspiration you need or if you would like them to curate a design especially for you, opt for GS-JJ. They promise to provide you a design in 24 hours which is excellent for rush orders.

While they offer the standard types of enamel pins, you can find lots of variations for customization. For instance:

  • Plating Options
  • Attachments
  • Back Stamps
  • Glitter Enamel
  • Glow In The Dark Enamel
  • Transparent Enamel
  • Gem Stones



My Enamel Pins is one of the most refined companies out there. The best part about this company is that they have their very own enamel pin factory that helps bring down prices significantly. They have also pledged to hire the best embroidery artists ensuring the most artistic designs.

My Enamel Pins covers audiences both locally and globally. If you want high-quality manufactured enamel pins then My Enamel Pins is the way to go. Their team is a skillful combination of Graphic designers, service representatives, production and quality assurance team, and finally the marketing and technical team. Since My Enamel Pins has its own factory, it can develop designs and order far more quickly than other companies.

This company offers many benefits, such as a wholesale price, which is excellent for clients who are working with a budget and do not want to compromise on the quality. You can also make small orders with them without worrying about them not catering to your requests. To bring down the costs for customers, My Enamel Pins does not charge shipping or mold charges.

You can find the following products with them:

  • Custom Soft Enamel Pins

Raised metal edges make all the difference when it comes to soft enamel pins. My Enamel Pins make sure that the edges are raised so you get the most vibrant colors and designs. The custom-made soft enamel pins by My Enamel pins are highly cost-effective due to the reasons mentioned above. You can get them in 2000+ full Pantone colors that are hard to come by. You can also avail of 15+ metal finish types which leaves the creativity to you.


  • Custom Hard Enamel Pins

Custom hard enamel pins with My Enamel Pins look more like jewelry as they have a premium glossy look. Hard enamel pins with this company might just last you a lifetime. They offer hard enamel pins of all different categories so that you can get whatever you want to be customized to your expectations. You can get the same customizations they offer for soft enamel pins.



Pindepot is also an excellent option for customers who are looking for fast deliveries. With them, you can get your orders delivered in 10 days or less. This is a claim that they make on their website. Pindepot caters to a large audience and provides multiple products. They offer prompt responses and wholesale prices, which makes them a lucrative option for reasonable and efficient services. You can reach out to them with your expectations, and their designers will come up with designs that will satisfy your expectations.  

The best part about their services is that they offer multiple free revisions. If you are dissatisfied with the design or would like a few tweaks, you can get that done quickly with their designers.

Pindepot offers products such as:

  • Cloisonne Pins
  • Soft Enamel Pins
  • Hard Enamel Pins


Customers looking for the most comprehensive service can reach out to Pincrafters. They have spent several years in the field and offer services of the highest order. They have in-house designers that pay attention to all the details of your requirements. The company offers to take your design to the next level. You can come up with a simple sketch, and their in-house designers will extract the design from it. They offer you many free services that include unlimited revisions to help you get the best design possible. You will also get up to five colors without getting any additional charges.

Hard Enamel

If you want a hard enamel pin that offers a smooth polished finish, you should connect with Pincrafters. They offer high-quality hard enamel pins with several customizations.

Soft Enamel

If you like soft enamel pins, Pincrafters are sure to give you a 3D look with your soft enamel pin. The pin will have a textured feel that many customers favor.

The studio

The Studio offers the most premium designs and high-quality enamel pins. They are a company that caters to global audiences and works round the clock. If you have a rush order and want to get immediate responses, you can count on The Studio as it has representatives working at all hours of the day. They can handle rush orders easily so you don't have to worry about getting delayed orders.

The Studio also has its own factory, making it easier for customers to get the exact thing they order. The studio offers a large variety of enamel pins and many different customizations such as:

Soft Enamel Pins

Soft enamel pins are one of their specialties. It is hard for companies to achieve details in soft enamel pins. However, The Studio makes sure that you get the most intricate details in soft enamel pins. You can get several different color options along with backing hardware.

Hard Enamel Pins

Hard enamel pins at The Studio are of the highest quality possible. You can choose several finish options to make sure that your hard enamel pins not only look polished but last for a long time. If you like you can ask for different add on and upgrades.  


Getting high-quality customized enamel pins should not be a challenge and Quality Lapel Pins makes sure that customers are catered to in the best way. The prices they offer are highly affordable as they put together the best plans. Their in-house designers pay close attention to your expectations and ensure that the design you receive is what you are looking for. Their products include recessed enamel and raised enamel pins. You can even ask for antique-looking pins.


Metropins is one of the pioneers of enamel pins. If you are looking to deal with experienced people you must reach out to Metropins. They have several years of experience and can help you manufacture high quantities of enamel pins. They have a policy of delivering rush orders within 12-15 days which is great for you. You can order all sorts of enamel pins from them and they will provide you a free design. if you are unsure of the color you can ask them for a full-color proof and get the color tweaked to the way you want it to be.

Once your order from Metropins, they will consider you a loyal customer and get a discount every time you order.


Do you want several customizations with your enamel pins? Pinsproplus offers many customizations that you can use to get the specific design. With Pinsproplus you can order custom-made pins of different designs. You can order enamel pins of various types, such as hard enamel pins and soft enamel pins. The best part about Pinproplus is that they offer fast responses and high-quality customizations.

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