8+ Most Popular Types Of Lapel Pins

8+ Most Popular Types Of Lapel Pins

Lapel pins have become increasingly popular in the past decade, but they have quite a lot of history as well, and they are more than just a fashion statement. Also known as enamel pins, these pins are made from metal and have a design or artwork molded onto them, following which they are enameled with different colors. They can be used to show support or solidarity with an individual, community, organization, religion, or even a movement. For instance, you must have seen the pink ribbon lapel pins that people wear for breast cancer awareness.

Speaking of lapel pins, here are the most popular types of lapel pins that you can find out there.

Soft Enamel Pins

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Soft enamel pins are one of the most popular types of lapel pins out there, and they are known to have a lot of room for customization and for adding intricate designs and texture. They have a ridged and textured look, along with a glossy appearance that makes them noticeable from even a distance. They are also known as embossed pins. Soft enamel pins can be found in various designs and can also be custom printed. They can be worn on weddings, funerals, school or college events, or just for fashion.

Hard Enamel Pins

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As compared to soft enamel pins, hard enamel pins are much harder and more durable. Plus, they have less space for intricate artwork and have a rougher appearance. They are made from die-struck iron and go through a heating and polishing process that brings out their refined look. They are mostly used for giveaways and in corporate settings.

3D Mold Pins

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3D mold pins, or die-cast pins, are also made from the same material as hard enamel pins, but they typically have no color on them. Rather, they have different textures that you can choose from, including, antiqued, polished, matte, etc. You can get them made in nickel, bronze, copper, and even gold.

Offset Epoxy Pins

Offset Epoxy Pins are printed lapel pins that feature a glazed epoxy layer on top of the printed design. To create this type of lapel or enamel pins, the manufacturer produces the pin with the design, while keeping the colors and textures intact as well. Once this is done, the epoxy coating is done. This makes offset epoxy pins have a glossier appearance, and they are also more durable.

Printed Pins

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If you are looking for a simple lapel pin, or you have an exact design that you want printed on a pin, then printed pins are the most suitable option for you. They are mostly used by companies who are looking for an original design or logo to be converted into lapel pins. They are largely customizable and give you the opportunity of having any design converted into an enamel pins. Printed pins are also quite durable and thick, which is why they last quite long.

Die Struck Pins

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Die Struck pins have a metal finish and are usually made without any color. They can be used to produce designs that have a raised texture, and they may be produced in different shapes and sizes. Die struck pins are made to undergo sand blasting and polishing to achieve the look and feel, and they are mostly used for social causes or corporate events.


Boutonnieres image

Boutonniere, which is French for flower buttonhole, features a flower or tiny bouquet that rests on the buttonhole of your jacket or tuxedo. The buttonhole can be found on the left lapel of your coat, and this is why it is customary to wear boutonnieres on the left side. This makes them suitable for weddings, funerals, or other special life events. Apart from boutonnieres, you can also find flower lapels that have a much smaller flower and a long stick pin attached to them.

Metal Lapel Pins

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Metal lapel pins are made purely of metal and feature a textured emblem or logo on top of them. They come with a long stick pin, the base of which is often visible on the lapel of your jacket or coat. They are highly elegant and have a refined look to them, which makes them suitable for all sorts of formal events and attires. You can find metal lapel pins with animals, footballs, baseballs, tennis, cars, or other emblems molded on them.

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