Signature Pins Coupon and Reviews

Signature Pins Coupon and Reviews

Signature Pins is a 15-year-old company striving hard to provide customers with the highest quality of lapel pins and other products. The company was previously named The Lapel Pins R Us Network and has only recently changed its name to Signature Promotional Group.

The company was founded in 2000 and since then has played an active role in providing customers with customized pins. They are popular for their high-quality customizations that have not ceased to impress clients. The company has been a pioneer in making customized lapel pins and other promotional products. Now the company has started to offer more products and needed a new name to represent all that it offers.

The motto of the company is to provide individualized services to the customers so that you customers can come to them and address all their concerns. They understand how important it is for a service provider to listen to your requirements and then provide you with help based on that. This ensures client satisfaction and that is precisely what Signature Pins aims for. Their employees have been working with them for years on end and are completely trained.

The company offers rush deliveries that are a much-needed requirement for people with immediate requirements. If you want to order something and need it at the earliest, you can count on Signature pins to deliver. The quality they provide has no doubts as they have a team of award-winning designers.

Products Offered

Custom Key chains

With Signature Pins, you can order customized key chains of different materials. The process Signature Pins offers is very interesting as you get to design a keychain of your choice and watch it become a reality. Customized key chains can be a great way to increase the visibility of your company.


Silicone Wristbands

Silicone wristbands are a very common customizable item. Many people use customized wristbands to put forward a narrative. They are used in rallies, protests, and even awareness events. The silicone wristbands are multipurpose and can be used for several different things.


Charms bracelets have been a part of the culture for the longest time. Many people get customized charms for different things. You can get customized charms for any special occasion you would like.


Custom Patches

Custom patches can be a great way to enforce identity. You can find custom patches on different uniforms or even trendy clothing. Whatever it is, Signature Pins can help you get customized patches as per your instructions.



If you are looking for customized lanyards, Signature Pins would be a good company to choose. It offers high-quality polyester material for lanyards. You can get them customized by printing logos and different writings on them the way you please.



The price Signature Pins offers is of the highest quality. They make sure that customers are satisfied with the prices. You can find the prices mentioned on their websites. For instance, if you want to order 1000 embroidery patches of 2 inches each, you will have to pay $0.52 per piece. The prices decrease with the increase of quantity and that way the more pieces you order the lesser amount you will have to pay per piece.  

In the same way if you want to order 300 pieces of Cloisonne lapel pins you would have to pay $ 1.57 per piece for a 0.75" pin. These are the standard prices and available on the website. If you wish to get additional customizations the prices can increase.


Coupon Codes

You can find different coupon codes for Signature Pins on different third-party websites. There are more websites that offer coupon codes and soon enough the website itself will start offering the coupon codes.

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Good Reviews

You can find reviews on the website. There are several reviews praising the quality of the product provided and the efficiency of services. Many customers have appreciated the promptness of the representatives and how quickly they were able to resolve the issues of clients as soon as possible. The good reviews are in a much greater number as compared to the bad reviews. Clients on the whole seem very happy with the services they have received.

Bad Reviews

The bad reviews are limited to the delayed services and misplaced deliveries. Bad reviews are a rare occurrence with Signature Pins. There are only a handful of customers who have been displeased with the kind of services they received. They have complained about the quality of the end product as well as the prices being too high.

Even though Signature Pins is a good company, you may be looking for an all-rounded service, Myenamelpins will be able to provide you that. You can look up their website and find out for yourself. They are known for the high quality enamel pins they provide as they have been a pioneer in the field. Their customers are very satisfied with all the services they offer. 

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