Quality Lapel Pins Is The Way To Go For Your Pin Related Needs

Quality Lapel Pins Is The Way To Go For Your Pin Related Needs

Brand Story


Quality Lapel Pins is a 20-year-old company that has come a long way and revolutionized the making of lapel pins. The founder of the company decided that if you want a lapel pin, it should be aesthetically pleasing, and at the same time, affordable. It is one of the pioneering companies that understand the importance of individual attention. From the get-go, Quality Lapel Pins decided that each customer must have access to their own graphic designer so that their expectations meet completely.


Their focus areas include fast responses. They take extreme pride in ensuring that each client who comes their way is catered to as quickly as possible. The company prioritizes paying attention to detail and enforces its designers to ensure the details are focused. Over the years, Quality Lapel Pins has expanded its business exponentially. They started off with lapel pins and now offer other high-quality products. You can find a great deal of variety such as coins, patches, and a lot more.


Representatives at Quality Lapel Pins offer a one-on-one interaction to better understand your requirements and provide you just what you seek. Each product they offer is designed, and manufactured by industry experts to ensure that there are no quality concerns. The response time is fast, which is how they manage to get back to customers with their designs within one day.


It is a family-owned business that considers its clients as a part of their family. Their services improved to ensure that none of their customers are displeased with the services they offer.


Featured Products

In 20 years, the product range offered by Quality Lapel Pins has expanded, here are some of their top products.




Do you have an annual office meeting coming up? Or are you setting up a competition? Whatever it is, awarding the winners, medals can add more value to your event. There are several different types of medals you can go for with different finishes. Quality lapel Pins can help you come up with the highest quality of medals at the best prices available. Their products can last a lifetime that will ensure your employees remember you for all their lives.


Embroidered Patches

Embroidered patches are in fashion. Every item of clothing is not adorned with embroidered patches as direct embroidery is very expensive. These patches are a great alternative as they do not cost a lot and look better considering that you get them done from a reliable place. Quality Lapel Pins is a great source to get your embroidered patches. You can get any design you want to be customized. All you need to do is come up to them with a design in mind and let the experts take care of it. Quality Lapel Pins specializes in all sorts of embroidered patches, you can come to them with all kinds of customizations.


Key Chains

Key chains can be given as a gift or as a way to promote your business or products. If you have a business that you want to promote, get customized key chains promoting the logo of your design. It is a great marketing tactic to improve the visibility of your brand and get the public talking. Quality Lapel Pins offers its customers a large variety of pins with different materials. You can select the materials they offer and get the best possible design for your brand. They just need a direction to work with and Quality Lapel Pins will be sure to deliver.


Name TagsName tags are of course important to safeguard your things or to use as an indicator of identity. You might want to get name tags for your employees, Quality Lapel Pins can offer you the best quality product in a very short time. They do not charge you hefty prices and offer services on a surprisingly low budget. If you are looking for high-quality name tags, come to Quality Lapel Pins!




At Quality Lapel Pins, you can get hats of different types, styles, and sizes. You can customize them to just what you have in mind. Come winter, you might want to start your own business, you can get quirky beanies designed and get the profit you aim for.




The company itself ensures that all prices are well within the range of customers. To get a quote for your order you can reach out to them on chat or fill out a form on their website. Quality Lapel Pins offers prices between $0.56 to $ 0.70 per piece. The prices may go down with the quantity increase. 

Coupon Codes

For now, there are no coupon codes available for Quality Lapel Pins, however, like most brands, they could become widely available in a short period.

Good Reviews

Customers have praised Quality Lapel Pins for their hard efforts at providing high quality product. There are also reviews where they have appreciated the promptness of service.


Bad Reviews

 Like all companies, Quality Lapel Pins also has a few negative reviews. Most of these review  are regarding the quality of some of their products

This company is, without doubt, a good one but there are others who offer high-quality services at prices that are much more affordable. My Enamel Pins is one of such companies. Customers hold their services in high regard all over the country.

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