PinProsPlus Coupon and Reviews

PinProsPlus Coupon and Reviews

What started as a trading website for Disney and Olympic pins is now a full-blown company designated for customizing and manufacturing goodies. The owners of PinProsPlus decided that the public needed a reliable company that could customize different items and provides cheap but high quality services.

The company began its operations in 2003 and in 2008, was sold to Craig Fry. That's when the business picked up as Craig and his team managed to take the business to unimaginable heights. They started off with simple lapel pins and now the business has progressed to offering several other products and further variations. To date, PinProsPlus has gone on to serve many important businesses. They have been a premium choice of many different companies such as Airbnb and NASA.

Their Products

PinProPlus offers a large variety of products for the customers to choose from:

Custom Pins

No matter what kind of custom lapel pins you want, PinProsPlus can help you out. They have a large variety of different lapel pins for the customers to choose from.

Challenge Coins

With PinProPlus you can get any sort of challenge coin customized the way you like, and in the material that you would prefer.


Do you want to brand your business in the best way possible? You can put embroidered patches on different clothing as well as other things such as caps, activewear, and whatnot.


Prices Offered

The prices are very low. With PinProsPlus, you can find button pins for as low as 15-cents each. In the same way, you can order 750 enamel pins of the size 1/2" for $1.00 each. In the same way if you want to order 1000 pieces of the same sized enamel pins you will have to pay $0.92 per piece. The company asks customers to contact them if they want to order products more than 1000 in quantity. Then the company will have to come up with a quote that is specific to your requirements.

The prices offered by PinProsPlus are much cheaper with comparison to other companies. They do not overcharge their customers and even ensure that each customization is offered in the least prices possible. The more quantity you offer the lesser price you would have to pay per piece.

You can find more prices on their website. They have chart available for each of their products. The prices are mentioned according to the sizes of the product and the quantity. The company also gives you the option of getting a directed quote for the kind of product you want. You will have to fill up the form on their website with all the relevant information and even include a design that you would like the company to follow.

Coupon Codes

There are limited amounts of third-party companies that offer coupon codes for PinProPlus. The only coupon code being offered so far is:

  • 50% Off
  • 20% Off
  • Free Shipping
  • $40 Deal With Amazon and Free shipping with Amazon Prime
  • 30% Off With eBay
  • 20% Off With Macy's

Good Reviews

There are several good reviews of PinProPlus. You can find customers praising the quality of the products offered and the services they provide. There have also been customers who have praised them for the quick service. they have been appreciative of how quickly the team was able to address the queries and linked them up with the best designer for their orders.

Bad Reviews

Bad reviews for the company limit to the misplaced deliveries, and for the quality not being to par. There have been instances where the customers have objected to the products not being as advertised. In only a few cases were the customers responded to and their concerns addressed.

PinProsPlus has several competitors despite being an excellent company. My Enamel Pins is a great company that offers all-rounded excellence. If you wish to get the best service in all aspects, you must get help from them. They offer you the highest quality of products in the best possible prices. Their services have been applauded by customers everywhere.

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