Pindepot Coupon and Reviews

Pindepot Coupon and Reviews

Pindepot is yet another name famous for its lapel pins. The company has spent several years perfecting the art of creating Lapel pins. Lapel pins are in fashion. More and more people are getting attracted to them thus increasing the demand. Companies like Pindepot have taken it upon themselves to impress people with their high-quality lapel pins. Pindepot is not a rookie and has worked closely with industry giants such as Amazon and Google.

Their motive is to not only provide high-quality lapel pins but do so in a manner that is hassle-free for the customer and the company itself. The company is efficient in guiding the customers to the kinds of pins they offer and what kind of customizations they can avail. The concept is very simple; you are required to choose the style of your lapel pin, the plating type, and the design. Once you make all the selections, Pindepot starts work. Their designers at work are highly skilled and work hard to ensure that you are getting the best quality help.

Pindepot is among the very few companies that provide you a lot of variety to choose from and customize a lapel pin perfect for your needs.


Pindepot has mastered the art of lapel pins and provides a variety of other products. Let's take a look at some of them:

Custom Lapel Pins 

Custom Lapel Pins  image

Pindepot offers its customers several different types of lapel pins such as Cloisonné, Soft Enamel, Die Struck, Offset Printed, and Silk Screen. The large variety of pins offers the customers creative freedom to design the best enamel pin for themselves. They can easily choose the design they want and then ask the experts at Pindepot to come up with the finished product.

 Lapel pins play a vital role in promoting your business and that is why they should be made of the highest quality. These pins can a symbol for different things and Pindepot tries hard to satisfy the expectations of customers. The endless designs are a great benefit for customers as they can get the custom lapel pin just how they envision it.

Specialty Pins

Do you have a team-building exercise coming up or are you following a cause and want the world to know? In that case, getting a specialty pin can do wonders for your purpose. However, it is very important for the pin to be of high quality. Pindepot is a good choice for people who want customized pins at affordable prices. You can get all sorts of specialty pins made. Such as,ribbon pins employee pins, trading pins, and finally rush pins. Whatever the equation, you can get a pin designed and it will help you reach out to other people and work towards your cause with jest!

You can find the pricing of these pins according to their sizes and quantity on their website. Or if you want, you can reach out to them and get a free quote that is exclusive to your customized design.


Campaign Buttons 

Campaign Buttons  image

Whether it is a school president campaign for your child or the presidential camping itself, campaign buttons are very important. If you want your audience to take notice of you, a glimmering campaign button will do the job. These buttons do not have to be round; they come in many different shapes, colors, and sizes. You can get them made as per your need. For instance, if you are getting these for the campaign in your child's school then you wouldn't want to go for a big size. You can settle for a size that would fit the children. Pindepot can design and manufacture the campaign buttons for you without breaking a sweat.


patch image

Patches are increasing in demand. A large influx of people has asked for embroidered patches as they are not only aesthetically pleasing but add value to your clothing. Direct embroidery can be quite expensive which is why patches are a great replacement t. They get the job done and don't even cost that much. Companies like Pindepot offer you the liberty to design the patch the way you want and with whatever material you are looking for.  


The prices for different products are available on the website. You can find the different prices according to the size and type of material. If you want to make further customizations you can ask for a price quote for free. Just reach out to them on their website.

For instance, if you want to order 300 lapel pins of 1 inch each, you would have to pay $1.56. Or if you increase the quantity and the design you can go for 5000 lapel pins of 1 inch and pay $0.74. 

Coupon Codes

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You can find different coupon codes for Pindepot on different websites. For instance:

  • Save Up To 25% With Hot Deals
  • Get Home Ribbon Pins For As Low As $0.72
  • Get Home Silk Screen For As Low As $0.76

Good Reviews

Pindepot has several good reviews on different platforms. Many customers have describes their services to be of the best quality with reasonable prices. Moreover, there are reviews based on the customer services, many people seem to appreciate them.

Bad Reviews

There are not many bad reviews available for Pindepot. A few of the customers have just shown dissatisfaction with the quality of the product. 

There are, however, more companies that offer customized goodies and should be considered. My enamel pins is one of such companies. They have impressed their clients day in and day out, winning the vote of the public. If you want high-quality help, be sure to check them out!


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