Metro Pins Offers the Best Pin Solutions

Metro Pins Offers the Best Pin Solutions

Are you looking for a reliable company for lapel pins? Who better to reach out to than Metro Pins. Metro pins are one of the leading companies that offer customized enamel lapel pins of the highest quality. They do not just design but are also one of the biggest manufacturing companies. They offer a large variety of different products including key chains, customized name tags, and medals.

You can come to them with any design in mind and they will be sure to help you replicate. Their artwork is free so you can get your customized items designed easily. They guarantee that you will not be disappointed by the services they provide. Not is the artwork free but you can also get free shipping which is a great benefit. If you have an emergency need, you must contact Metro Pins as they offer rushed deliveries that can ensure you get your orders delivered just when you need them.

The company itself was founded in 2004 and since then has helped several people get the customized products they need. Their services have expanded and at present, you can order several different products from them.

Products Offered


Many organizations have coins of their own. If you are looking to design and manufacture a coin to represent your company, then you must contact Metro Pins. They have the right experts need to design and manufacture top-quality coins. You can find a variety of coins that they offer, such as Military coins, Poker Coins, Gifts, and much more. Metro Pins offers you many different finishes to go with the choice of your coin. You can choose from epoxy, metal, and another plating. There are no restrictions to size, you can get a coin of any size that makes it all the more interesting. You can gift someone a coin as big as you want.


Medals can be used for several different purposes. Do you want to commemorate the achievement of an employee or are you looking to award a community member? In any case, it is best to reach out to Metro Pins. They are the top producers of medals and can help you customize the medal of your choice. There are several types of customizations you can go for when it comes to medals. You can choose ribbon-included medals with quotes or you can go for the plain ones. The medals customized by Metro pins are of the highest quality and feature longevity.  

Key Chains

Key chains are used all over the globe and customized key chains add more to their aesthetic. You can use customized key chains for several things. For instance, you can use customized key chains to create visibility for your brand or you can use them to award your employees with company merchandise. This helps employees feel in touch with the company and see it as a home.

Metro Pins can help you get to design the best key chains. They offer you a lot of customization options to choose from and get the kind you are aiming for.

Custom Lapel Pins

Custom lapel pins are a specialty of Metro Pins. They have been designing and manufacturing customized lapel pins for several years now. These pins are available in several different types depending on your preferences. You could go for hard enameled, soft enameled, or die struck pins. All you need to do is reach out to Metro pins and let them complete your order. Metro Pins allows you to come with a vague idea of the design while their designer work on it to make it more in sync with what you are looking for.

Wine Charms 

To keep the masses reminded of your event, a wine charm is always a good addition. You can get a wine charm made at Metro Pins. They offer a large variety of wine charms that are of different designs and materials depending on your preferences. You can even give these wine charms as wedding gifts to your loved ones.

Silicone Wristbands 

Silicone wristbands are also increasingly common. Many people get customized wrist bands to either promote a cause or in solidarity with a band. Whatever the occasion, you can get them customized at Metro Pins.


You can get a quote on the prices by filling in the form on their website. Make sure that you include all information carefully and as per their instructions to ensure that the quote is accurate. For instance, they will offer you prices depending on the size and the number of pieces you order. If you order 10 pieces of 0.50" you will have to pay $15.75. 

Coupon Codes

As of yet, there are no coupon codes available for Metro Pins. Hopefully, they will start offering coupon codes soon enough.

Good Reviews

Metro Pins has several good reviews for their services quality and the quality of the product, which is why the company’s products are so famous among customers

Bad Reviews

Customers have specifically made comments about the delayed response of representatives at Metro Pins. Besides, that the amount of negative reviews are limited.

If you are looking for a better alternative, contacting My Enamel Pins can be a good option. They deliver high-quality products at prices that are easily affordable.

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