GS-JJ Coupon and Reviews

GS-JJ Coupon and Reviews


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Good Reviewsa

GS-JJ has many good reviews on different platforms. Many customers have deemed their services to be outstanding and have scored them 5 stars. The order of process and quality of products is greatly appreciated.

Bad Reviews

a handful of customers have also left bad reviews saying that the services were not delivered as promised. There are also reviews of the orders not making to the client on time. 

Much like GS-JJ, there are other companies that provide similar services and are at the best of their game. For instance, you can find high-quality help from My Enamel Pins . It is a very popular company with several years of promotional goods manufacturing under its belt.


About GS-JJ

GS-JJ is in close connection with the manufacturers in China and prioritize providing time-efficient services to other designer or specific users directly. Gs-JJ is one of the oldest companies and also the biggest provider of customized goods to other distributors and franchisees. Their offices are located in the USA, Los Angeles, and Canada, Vancouver. You can find the complete details on their website. 

This e-commerce platform not only designs but also produces promotional gifts for companies and individuals. GS-JJ is noted for reducing product costs while keeping the quality intact. They excel in all sorts of promotional gifts for large-scale and small-scale orders. 


GS-JJ's motto is to provide its customers with high-quality products without exceeding the average budget. Their affordable customized items get appreciated by customers every day. The prices for different products depending on the customizations you go for. 

If you want to order enamel pins you can get up to 19 pins for $1.95 for 0.5 inch pins. Similarly, if you opt for up to 99 pins of 1.25 inch sizes, you will have to pay $1.91.  

Products You Can Order

GS-JJ offers products in great variety. You can find things such as enamel pins and patches. Let's take a look at their popular product range: 

Enamel Pins 

Enamel Pins image

Enamel pins from GS-JJ are very popular as they are the most in-demand. You can get all kinds of pins from GS-JJ, they offer many different designs along with different accessories. Customers are allowed to use different materials and colors for their enamel pins and GS-JJ would deliver. They have produced enamel pins in bulk orders and are prepared for all sorts of designs and types you come to them with. 

Wrist Bands 

Wrist Bands image

Whether you are going to a concert or are a part of a popular group, wrist bands are very popular among people. GS-JJ provides its customers with wristbands of all materials and designs. The silicon wrist bands come in different types such as, printed, figured, embossed, and debossed. In addition to that, you can also get the wrist bands in different color patterns such as swirled, segmented, and colored embossed. You can customize these wristbands as per your choice. You can come up with a new design for your group of friends and take your friendship to the next level. 


Stickers image

GS-JJ offers a large variety of Stickers with all kinds of shapes, sizes, and colors. You can come up with a photo in mind and they will come up with the best possible sticker you can think of. One can come to them for stickers for every occasion. Do you have a business to promote? or are you looking for a sticker for your car? Whatever it is, GS-JJ can help you out. You can ask for stickers on different vinyl types such as matte, clear and glossy. The material choice on you so that you can customize it just the way you prefer. The best part about their stickers is that they are UV protected so they won't fade away under the light of the sun. 


button image

Buttons are a statement of self-expression. People arranging walks or protests get several buttons made just to forward their cause. In this case, they need good quality buttons so that people can wear them throughout. If you are looking for good quality buttons you must reach out to GS-JJ. They offer a variety of buttons such as glitter, metal, and value line buttons. You can customize the button the way you want and add on things like glitter for them to stand out and attract more attention.


Labels are very important to establish brand identity. If you are someone who is just starting a brand, you can get dry-cut labels or rectangular cut labels. GS-JJ provides high-quality labels that can be of any material you want depending on your product. 


patch image

Patches can uplift the outlook of your clothing and give you a unique persona. If you want to stand out then getting customized patches from GS-JJ is a good idea. 

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