10+ Best Enamel Pins Packaging Ideas

10+ Best Enamel Pins Packaging Ideas

Enamel pins are becoming more and more popular as each year passes and not only common people, but celebrities can also be donning different types of enamel pins on their red carpet attires. Enamel pins aren’t just for making a fashion statement, but they are also used to put forward a message or show solidarity with people of a certain group, community, or cause.

Nowadays, custom enamel pins are all the rage, and people are also taking it to the next step with cute and attractive enamel pins packaging, which helps them showcase their creations, and also sell them, more effectively. Let’s have a look at some packaging ideas you can also adopt.

1. Flat Pack

flat  back

The flat pack packaging design is one of the most common enamel pins packaging methods, but it is also effective and gives your enamel pin a nice backing. It features a 2” x 3” made out of colorful card paper with text printed on it. It makes for a very attractive way of showcasing your artwork.

2. Rounded Corners

Rounded Corners

Another idea for enamel pins packaging that you can play around with is the backing card with rounded corners, and we know that this simple design feature enhances the appearance of any artwork significantly. No matter how you decorate the backing card, the rounded corners will accentuate its design.

3. Limited-Edition Packaging

You can also embellish your enamel pins packaging by making a custom card backing for each one. All you need to do is get card sheets in different colors, and make designs and drawings on them with a golden or silver sharpie. This would greatly enhance the look of your enamel pins packaging and make it stand out.

4. Cello Bags

You can place each enamel pin in a separate bag that closes securely and can be hanged on display, and you can make a generic backing for each one of them, which you put in with your enamel pins. This would make for a very elegant and professional display for your enamel pins, and customers would be compelled to pick a few of them.

5. Display Packs

Display Packs

Busy Beaver offers the perfect enamel pins packaging solution with these display packs that allow you to customize the size of the bag, as well as the design and colors of the backer card and the buttons present inside the pack. This makes for a packaging solution that makes your enamel pins ready to sell.

6. Using Flat Mailers

Using Flat Mailers

If you are shipping your custom enamel pins to customers who order them online, make sure to use flat mailers instead of bubble mailers. Although flat mailers may be more expensive, they give your packaging a professional look, whereas bubble mailers often get damaged due to mistreatment by the shipping service.

7. Package Inserts

While you apply any one of the enamel pins packaging methods from above, you can also customize the packaging a little by adding personalized notes with the enamel pin, which gives the customer a special feeling and makes them want to shop from you again.

8. Eco-Friendly Packaging

Eco-Friendly Packaging

Eco-friendliness isn’t just a trend, but it is the need of the hour, and it also helps to drive sales. For this purpose, you can consider getting eco-friendly packaging for your enamel pins, which is made from sustainable materials or biodegradable options. Not only will it help the environment, but it would also increase awareness amongst your customer base.

9. Custom Cardstock

Custom Cardstock

A customized form of enamel pins packaging is one of the best and most effective solutions for your business, and it would do wonders for your outreach as well. You can easily design a custom cardstock backing for your business and have it printed in bulk. Not only is it cost-effective, but it would also help your business.

10. Enamel Pin Sets

enamel pins set box image

Another fantastic packaging idea is to group some custom enamel pins together and put them into a single package. You can use a custom cardstock or a personalized card backing to make it look even better, and you can pack them in a cello bag to make them more appealing.

11. Presentation Boxes

Presentation Boxes

A unique idea for enamel pins packaging is to have some of your similar or best custom enamel pins put into a custom presentation box, which has your business colors and a nice message on it. People would rush to buy it as a gift for their family or friends, and it would make for great business.

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