Enamel Pin Backs – Which One Is Best?

Enamel Pin Backs – Which One Is Best?

When choosing between different enamel pins, your focus would be on the design, texture, material, size, and other related factors. But have you ever thought about the different types of enamel pin backs? If you haven’t, you would be surprised to know that there are several types of pinbacks that are fitted on enamel pins to ensure that you can wear them perfectly. Let’s have a look at them one by one.

1. Butterfly Clasp

Butterfly Clasp

This is a standard pinback clasp, and it has small metal backs with holes that are locked onto the pin spikes. They can be removed by pinching the metal flaps. They are one of the most durable pinbacks, but it may irritate your skin. They are more suitable for use on bags or purses.

2. Rubber Backs

Rubber Backs

Rubber backs are available in all types of colors and shapes, and they also feature a small hole that locks into the enamel pin. They are less durable than butterfly clasps, but they are softer and easy on the skin. You can use them if you plan to wear your enamel pin on tight-fitting clothes.

3. Locking Pin Backs

Locking Pin Backs

Also known as a flat top tie tack, locking pin backs are the most durable type of pinbacks that you can find, and they have a locking mechanism that keeps them in place. You can only remove a locking pin back by pulling the spring loaded tab on it upwards. If you move around a lot, then this is the one for you.

4. Magnetic Clutch

Magnetic Clutch

As the name suggests, the magnetic clutch latches on to the enamel pin magnetically. It eliminates the need of piercing any fabric with the pin. It is mostly used with clothing that has thin fabrics.

5. Ball Locking Clutch

The ball locking clutch is also known as the ball top tie tack and has an internal locking system to keep your enamel pin in place. It is also referred to as a jewelry clutch, because it looks like a piece of jewelry. You can use with all types of clothing and accessories, except tight-fitting clothes.

6. Safety Pin

Safety Pin

The safety pin is the simplest and most common enamel pin back that you will find. It keeps the enamel pin secure and also holds it in place, thus preventing it from tilting or rotating. You can use the safety pin with all types of clothing, bags, accessories, etc.

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