Best Custom Enamel Pins Philippines Await You!

Best Custom Enamel Pins Philippines Await You!

Enamel pins have been trending in the Philippines, and if you want to hop on the bandwagon, you must only get the best custom enamel pins in the Philippines. Much like other industries, the enamel pin market in the Philippines is huge. Many companies are competing by promising the best quality but they are hardly able to deliver. This is why you need to choose a company that promises high quality and delivers high quality. Here are all the companies that serve high-quality enamel pins in the Philippines:


The Craft Central started as a local store that has bloomed into a website taking orders from all over the Philippines. Craft Central is a great company to order from. With you do not have to worry about having any hidden or unaccounted for charges. They make everything clear from the get-go so that customers have complete transparency. If you have any orders or customizations, you can send them an email so that they can get back to you with a quote.

They have a policy of 100 minimum pieces, so you must place your order accordingly. With them, you can find enamel pins of different types. Get them customized the way you like with the help of designers at The Craft Central.


My Enamel Pins is one of the oldest and the most expert companies that provides alterations with enamel pins. They have a complete setup with overseas factories, a design unit, and a quality assurance unit that ensures all the orders are of the highest quality. My Enamel Pins offers multiple customizations, if you want to get an enamel pin tweaked to exactly the type you are going for then you must reach out to My Enamel Pins.

You can get a quote on their prices by filling out the form. Don't worry about the prices as My Enamel Pins always offers reasonable prices without compromising quality.


Enamel Pins is a China-based company, but they deliver directly to the Philippines. This company is the best fit for the people in the Philippines as they don't just offer high-quality pins, but they are also very swift with their deliveries. Since the factories are nearby, customers can get their orders delivered to them within 14 days. However, if it is a rush delivery, you can get it delivered in 7 days, which is amazing if you have an event coming up.

They do not have a minimum order limit and cater to all orders no matter how small or big they are. So even if you have a small order, you can always order from Enamel Pins. Take their customization services as they have several selections of customizable pins.


Shopee is not a company limited to lapel pins, but they are an e-commerce platform that offers different products. They were originally based in China but have not expanded to many countries in Southeast Asia. Shopee is a big company, but that does not stop them from catering to small orders. No matter how small your order is, Shopee will try to get you the best service. There are some downsides to ordering from them. For instance, Shopee does not offer customers wholesale prices, which is why customers may find their services a little pricey.

Other than that, there are no complaints about the quality of the service they deliver. You just have to ensure that you give them all the details they require.


If you are looking for a company that offers you a large variety of customizations and offers good quality lapel pins, you must reach out to Custom Lapel Pins. This company is a sister company of and has taken its roots from the best experts. Since they have an example to lead them, the services they provide are of the highest order. You can find custom lapel pins in all different colors and finishes.

Custom Lapel Pins is highly motivated to give you the best design you want. They will work with you through and through to avoid any complaints about the  procedures. They accommodate their customers by enabling them to order a free quote. You have to email them, and they will give you an accurate quote.

These companies are tried and tested several times. You can rest assured that the services you receive from them will be of the highest quality. Look into their websites and get all the contact details you need.

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