Why You Need Backer Cards

Why You Need Backer Cards

No matter what products you sell in your business, its packaging plays a major role in attracting customers and compelling them to buy something from you. The more attractive the packaging, the more sales you can record. Similarly, if you are in the business of making and selling enamel pins, backer cards serve as the perfect backdrop to make them look more appealing to customers.

Enamel pins are constructed from iron or zinc alloy, and they are electroplated and enameled with different colors to bring out a refined and polished look that makes them marketable. People wear enamel pins for numerous reasons, ranging from making a style statement to making a fashion statement. Let’s talk about how a backer card can make your enamel pins more likely to sell.

What is a Backer Card?

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A backer card is a paper or card-based that you can place behind your enamel pins to give them a backdrop or a design. Since the enamel pins have different types of pin backing, they can be easily attached to the backer card and placed in a plastic or cellophane packaging, which makes both the enamel pin and backer card clearly visible. They increase the appeal of your enamel pins and help them sell out faster.

Personalized Packaging

A backer card gives you the opportunity to add a personalized message that reflects your brand and also allows you to personally reach out to your customers. Nowadays, personalized packaging is one of the most popular ways to increase brand loyalty and customer engagement. You can add your brand name and logo to the backer card, along with custom text that can be a quote, a popular phrase, or a simple thank you message that you have written on your own. It would greatly attract customers and they would want to buy enamel pins from you.


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Another benefit of using a backer card for your enamel pins is that customers get to see your branding, which includes the logo, brand name, and the colors as well. As we all know,branding has a major impact on the sales,This way, your customers will take your brand home and it will stay in their hearts and minds for a long time. Moreover, this also enables you to increase the likelihood of returning customers, who would have your name in mind whenever they need to buy enamel pins.

Social Media Presence

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Nowadays, social media presence is crucial for any business, and you can simply place your brand’s social media links on your backer card to increase your online following organically. Moreover, it would allow your loyal customers to keep following your pages on different platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and others for new enamel pin designs and products that you roll out. The biggest advantage of this will be that you can also sell your enamel pins online, thus boosting your overall sales numbers. Therefore, backer cards can also be used to leverage online sales along with physical sales.

Helps Your Product Stand Out

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As the name suggests, backer cards act as a backdrop for your custom enamel pins and give them a 3D look, which makes them much more attractive for customers. It is like a canvas on which you can print or design anything to make your enamel pin more prominent. If you have a vibrant or highly colorful enamel pin that doesn’t really need any embellishment, then you can keep your backer card as simple as possible. Even the simplest design can help your enamel pin look more attractive for the customers.

Easy to Design

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Another reason why you can easily incorporate backer cards into your enamel pin business is because they don’t require any meticulous design work or difficult processes. If you are just starting out with backer cards, you don’t need a lot of extensive planning or design, and you can even make do with colored card sheets and a golden or silver sharpie. For inspiration, you can check out some of the backer card inspirations on the internet and see what will suit best for your business.

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